Supported Living

At Wisdom Healthcare, we will develop a plan that’s as individual as you are.

We do this by listening to what you want and working with you to choose your own team and put your needs first.

Our great value services ensure that your choices, aspirations and dreams are being understood and met.

Supported Living is an alternative to living in a shared residential care home or at home with their family and is often the most appropriate support for people wanting to live a more independent lifestyle.

Supported living for learning disabilities, physical disabilities, autism, brain injuries and other complex needs

We offer flexible, individual supported living for learning disabilities and other needs. You can choose to receive as much or as little support as you want with our bespoke home support services.
We have a good track record of providing supported living to people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries and other needs.Some people choose to live in their own house or flat. Others enjoy sharing a home with friends, while still having their own tenancy.
If you live in residential care but like the sound of supported living, we can help you to prepare for the move.