The Housing Management team is responsible for ensuring that all properties are kept to a good standard and all repairs are carried out promptly, as well as ensuring housing benefit payments are received on time.

The team maintains a good relationship with all our landlords as well as the different departments within the organisation.

Wisdom Healthcare maintains a positive and active working partnership with City Councils, through the Supporting People Programme. Our performance is monitored quarterly by the Council looking at staffing, occupancy levels and voids.

The Wisdom Healthcare Resettlement Service commenced in 2005 with the aim of supporting individuals to develop the necessary confidence and skills to live independently in the community in the area of their choice.
A Resettlement journey with Wisdom Healthcare begins in our supported housing accommodation where we support service users in daily living skills; self esteem; vocational and recreational activities with the aim of moving people on to independent accommodation. Our Resettlement satellite service provides a semi supported transition to total independent living for service users who wish to progress to total independence at a more measured pace.
Objectives of Resettlement Service

The aim of Wisdom Healthcare Resettlement service is:
• To seek to empower the individual and facilitate long term solutions to their needs;
• To identify the best available options for the individuals housing needs;
• To ensure that service users nominated or referred to other organizations are suitable for those organizations;
• To seek to equip service users, either through training and advice given by the resettlement service or other agencies, with skills and knowledge in the following areas:
o Welfare benefits
o Training employment/career options
o Tenancy rights and responsibilities;
o Cooking/domestic/home maintenance skills
o Social skills/networking
o Budgeting skills
• To recognize that service users have needs other than a home and some that have no other need;
• To recognize that accommodation is only sustainable where the service user is able to function in the community;
• To promote positive relationships that overcome isolation and encourages interaction with the wider world.

Wisdom Healthcare’s Respite Service is a short-term service that provides accommodation and non-medical support. Wisdom Healthcare working in partnership with Clinical Teams (i.e. Early Intervention Services; Assertive Outreach and Home Treatment Teams).

The aim of the Respite service is to meet the needs of individuals whose psychiatric problems are threatening their ability to live independently. Respite provides an alternative for such individuals who might otherwise require a more restrictive form of intervention such as hospital admission.

Within Wisdom Healthcare’s Respite Service we provide practical day to day support to service users with clinical input being made by the Clinical Teams as necessary. The Service is designed to help service users maintain their psychiatric stability and return to a less supervised community setting in due course.
An Individual Support Plan guides the service within Respite. The Support Plan outlines goals and objectives and describes the responsibilities of the Service User and other members of the Clinical Team. Wisdom Healthcare’s Respite staff review the Support Plan with each service user on a weekly basis

Length of Stay
On average we expect people to stay in Respite for less than 30 days however longer stays have been experienced where the need arises. Planned discharges occur when the person has successfully completed his or her Support Plan objectives and no longer requires services.

Nonetheless a Service Users exit from the service can be precipitated if their behaviour becomes so extreme and persistent as to be destructive to their well being and that of other service users; or if a person refuses to participate in services as defined in their Support Plan or refuses to follow the House rules, then he or she may be discharged. However, individuals are not discharged without proper notice or cause.

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