Live-in care

Live-in Care

Wisdom Healthcare’s Care and Support Service aims to support vulnerable people within the community to live with a high degree of independence.  We support people with mental ill health to achieve an independent lifestyle.  To achieve this we aim to:

  • Place the individual at the centre of the support planning process;
  • To support the individual, where appropriate,  to participate in the recruitment and selection of his/her support workers;
  • To ensure that the support offered to the individual has a focus on the individuals acquiring the skills, experiences and confidence to maintain a more independent lifestyle;
  • To ensure that our service responds to the needs as described in the individuals Person Centred Plan and/or Support Plan;
  • To support the individual where required, to access quality affordable housing.

We believe that all people should be offered the opportunity to grow in ability, capability and capacity and Wisdom Healthcare Care and Support Service will actively encourage and support people to realise their full potential.

Mental Health : Care Support

Wisdom Healthcare is partnering with local Primary Care Trusts to enhance Carer support service as part of a response to the Government’s National Strategy for Carers published in 1999.  The Service recognises that:

“ … Carers play a vital role in helping to look after service users of mental health services.  While caring can be rewarding, the strains and responsibilities of caring can also have an impact on carers’ own mental and physical health and these needs must also be addressed by Health and Social Services …”

(National Service Framework)

Therefore Wisdom Healthcare’s Carers Service aims to:

  1. Raise awareness of the Carers role in society;
  2. Identify and support ways that enable Carers to be involved in the development and planning of services that affect them;
  3. Encourage the involvement of Carers in the provision and planning of services to meet their needs;
  4. Collate and disseminate information to Carers to keep them aware of local, regional and national issues that affect Carers and empowering them to voice their views;
  5. Facilitate Carers Support Groups and networking with other Carers agencies.

The objectives of the Carers Service are to:

  • Enable Carers to take a short break during the day;
  • Offer Carers the opportunity for time away from their caring responsibility;
  • Provide a time limited service for service users;
  • Provide a culturally sensitive service to the individual Carer and Service User;
  • Provide a planned approach to support the Carer;
  • Provide practical information to Carers about other services;
  • Provide some practical support to Carers by motivating and prompting the Service User during the Carer respite period.

Mental Health: Floating Staff

Wisdom Healthcare Floating Support Service is a flexible peripatetic service providing or facilitating a range of low to medium support interventions, to people with a diagnosed mental illness in their own homes or tenancies with the aim of enabling or maintaining independence.

The service will act as a broker: assessing an individual’s needs and enabling access to other locally available services, both initially and in the longer term. The service is provided for a maximum period of up to 1 year but with a clear exit strategy. When the support is no longer required, it floats off to another person who needs it. If a person needs support again in the future it can return to them.

The aim of the service is to provide a support package that is individually tailored to meet each person’s needs and is outcome based to support them to achieve their maximum degree of independent living. The service includes:

  • Ensuring that Service Users are receiving the correct benefits they are entitled to;
  • Empowering Service Users to maintain their tenancy;
  • Debt Management and budgeting;
  • Benefit Advice and maximising income;
  • Support with practical tasks and day-to-day living
  • Socialising within the Community;
  • Education and training;
  • Access to other local services within the community;

Wisdom Healthcare’s Floating Support service can be accessed via any professional; involved in the Service Users care i.e. Case-worker, CPN, Social Workers and so forth.

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